Feature request: Enable Effects only on Render-to-disk

It would be great to have “Enable Effect only for Render-to-disk”. So while a time-consuming plugin is disabled during work and live preview, it would automatically be enabled when rendering the song to disk.

For myself, as an example, i use nebula 3 on the master chain to get some “extra sparkle” on the mix. - However by using multiple plugins, it takes a lot of CPU. So it would be very cool to automatically enable/disable them, according to the desired work mode (live/work vs. render-2-disk)

The very old versions of Renoise used to have a specific CPU saving toggle where stuff like effects and plugins would be disabled. Kind of what you request similar.
However, i think a native track-freezer, would work better…(where when rendereing to disk, the original tracks are rendered, rather than the freezed tracks)