feature request: flexible sample rate rendering

I would like to specify options besides 22050,44100,48000, etc.

I need both a specific samplerate and the pattern markers renoise generates in the .wav.

Since I can’t do this, as a workaround, I am going to make a tool that does the resampling while recalculating the pattern markers. I doubt any tool in the universe will be doing this, and if there was one, it will take me less time to do it myself than to find that one.

edit: Oh, looks like my trusty old soundforge can resample and save the markers. I was thinking more about my content pipeline build tools by habit, but in this case I can do it manually.

edit: on a related note, I would appreciate it if the sample rate for rendering was not reset every time I open the dialog box. I would suggest changing to have a Sample rate “auto (44100hz)” (for example) where the hz is replaced with whatever it’s automatically selecting. If I change the selection from auto, it would stick on that, no matter what samplerate my monitoring is at.