Feature Request: Mastering Highpass Filter For Filtering Out Frequenci


maybe the following would be a nice renoise fx:

A highpass filter for mastering purposes that filters out all frequencies below 40hz. This is an important step in mastering for example a bassdrum to free the frequency ranges of unneeded and unaudioble frequncy bands to widen the range and make the mixer more clear. It should be a very high ordered filter with a very steep slope.

What do you think about it?

can’t this already be done with the filter in “EQ” mode or with the new equalizer with the needed frequency and Q factor values?

just get a good eq/filter vst and slap it on the master + yeah, prolly you can achieve the same with renoise internal effects.

Good EQ: A0 Parametric

Insane steep slope filter: RubberFilter