Feature Request: (Midi Input) Note Range Adjustment


Thank you very much, for the great work you developers have been doing with Renoise lately. I’ve been using the demo version now and then and have missed a few important features, but the new beta version changed the game. I just took the step and bought a license for Renoise.

Midi input routing is most welcomed feature, at least for me. I think it would be even better if there was some kind of note filtering system for individual instruments. For example: instrument 00 would only get notes from C-3 to A-3 from midi input 1. instrument 01 would get notes from B-3 to C-5 etc.

1835 noterange.jpg

like this?

I prefer this solution to the linked one

There are some advantages with the chainer idea. For a start it would work with playing using the computer keyboard. You could also do for example -

00 Piano
01 Strings
02 Piano + Strings

So instrument 02 is empty apart from the chainer. The root notes can be set for each instrument so you can have a keyboard split but the same octave range in each part. And each instrument is selectable without being fixed to midi channels.

would be good for the drumpads and drums on individual tracks

Brilliant. +1

Yep chainer would be oh so nice. There’s typically only one midi input but there’s rarely only one instrument chain one would like to make…

+1 from me too.

+1 for original idea.

Not sure about the implications to solving this with a chainer device. But it would be great to be able to load a song in renoise and be able to trigger different instruments on different channels from key zones on one keyboard.

I like this idea.