Feature request: multiple slots for uploading vst plugins in the tool section


Is it possible to add multiple VST plugins in the tool settings? this can be very helpful in some situations. especially with those instruments that can be controlled via midi notes (for example, a vocoder)


“An instrument in Renoise may contain one or any combination of samples, plugins and MIDI, and each type can be edited by selecting the appropriate tab from the top left of the Renoise interface.”

MIDI ouput from one instrument can be routed to another.

“MIDI Routing: Allows you to route the MIDI output of the current plugin into another instrument beneath it in the Instrument Selector. This target instrument can be another plugin with its own MIDI output (allowing you to chain MIDI-generating plugins together), a ‘normal’ plugin (one that just generates sound) or even the built-in sampler in Renoise. The only real limitation is that you can’t trigger instrument phrases via a MIDI plugin.”

If you have a vocoder that is not a VSTi (only available as effect) you’ll need to work with plugin aliases.

Plugin Effect Aliasing
Most plugin effect parameters can be controlled by Automation or through MIDI Mapping. One of the things that cannot be changed by these methods though, is the effect’s preset (or program). Nor will a plugin accept note data. By treating a plugin effect like a plugin instrument though, these things are possible, and this is done by creating an Effect Alias.

Just put the effect into the track you want to use it on, same as usual, then go to the Plugin tab and select it from the FX alias list.

Now you can use a MIDI controller or an *Instrument MIDI Control device to send MIDI data to the effect and change the preset as a song is playing. Very few plugin effects accept note data, but for those that do, you can now play and record notes to control how the sound is being processed. The most common example of this are vocoders, but it really just depends on the specific plugin and how it chooses to use incoming note data.

You may find it useful to watch a short video on the subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Li9VXyc1O8

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thanks for the clarifications. my thought is as follows. I want to use a c2 fabfilter for the side chain effect that can take the midi note as a side chain input. but for this I also want to use sonic charge microtonic.

if you have an understanding of how this can be done in the current version that was great.


Ps: from fabfilter pro c2 manual

Compression is also triggered by MIDI notes. If at least one note is on, the compressor behaves as if a 0 dB signal is entering the side chain at this moment, so it is strongly triggered. The Disable/Enable MIDI option in the MIDI Learn menu turns this off as well.