Feature Request: Note Height Meta Device


maybe it would be a nice feature without a lot of effort to integrate a meta device called “Note Height Device” that gets the note height of a instrument and passes this value as frequency value or logarithmic value to an automatable device. For example you could make with this a cutoff filter that is dependant of the note height of the instrument, very cool for basses. So the cutoff frequency isn’t static anymore.


this is an idea I proposed a couple of years ago.

although a velocity device, which is similar, has been added to Renoise since version 1.9, don’t expect to see another device like that added.

the idea we are after at present is to be able to parametrize lots of aspects of XRNI instruments in a single interface. Velocity device is a nice goodie in the meantime.

You might also like this idea: https://forum.renoise.com/t/regarding-sidechaining/19818

This kind of functionality is quite common on synthesizers, and it’s called “key tracking”. Typically you’d use it to control things like filters based on pitch, so a higher pitch would have a lower cutoff, or a higher decay value for its amp envelope, or anything like that.

I have to admit i have never had a use for it, though i used it once for a vocoder patch on my Korg R3 to make the higher notes of the carrier less piercing.

This would be much like a variation of the velocitydevice i take it