Feature Request: Start & End Markers In Sample Editor


I’m a professional music producer and mixing/mastering engineer from Finland. I started making music in '94 with Fast Tracker 2 and have used several sequencers & grooveboxes since. I was happily suprised to find Renoise, and purchased it immediately. Now I can even open my old FT2 beats with it. Nice.

However, after playing around with Renoise, I’ve started to miss a feature commonly available in other samplers: Start and End markers in the Sample Editor.

I realize you can cut/crop your samples easily in the Sample Editor, or use a command in the Pattern Editor, but this way it’s a hassle if you want to make a sample start earlier. You have to load the sample again if you have cut away too much from the beginning (or press undo several times, since you’ve probably made some other changes elsewhere after the cropping).

That is why I would like to have Start and End markers in the Sample Editor. I think it would make Renoise even better for people coming from other soft/hardware samplers/sequencers.

It would be nice if the Start and End markers would behave in the same way as the selection does in the Sample Editor, snap to zero etc. And make the markers a different colour, like green or red, to distinguish between them and the loop markers.

I made a mock up picture of what I have in mind:


Thank you!

-Iso H



So basically this is a non-destructive way to have variable sample length. I wonder if I’ll use it much, but I give it a +1 nonetheless :).

Welcome to the club bro…
another +1 from me, that will makes probably +9 in the complete collection i’ve submitted so far ;)
The more times these topics bump back, the better the chance we will have it one day…


Yep! it’s suggested a few times before and it would be very cool if this would make the next version.
I would use it a lot!
+1 from me!

definitely +1


+1, but I want to add something to this.

What if you could do a sort of keytracking thing with this? For example: C-4 has a certain start/end point. C#-4 has a completely different one and so on. Could make some mad crazy sample glitching.

hhahha ja itkut päälle


voi elämä, tää tästä puuttukin…

Sitten oottamaan Elastisen esiintuloa.

Mut ei siin mitään, ihan toimiva ideahan toi on. Mut ihan sama asia ku kompinviipaloija, yhellä siivulla vaan.

Padlock, you are talking about the allmighty beatslicer. :ph34r: Do a search and you see you are not alone.

Toimisko 09xx silti kuten ennenkin huolimatta start- ja end-merkeistä?


Olisko nuo start- ja end-merkit jotenkin ennaltamääriteltyjä “soita tämä sample väliltä 09xx - 09yy” -komentoja?


And maybe even automate the position of these markers.


In fact I was very surprised when I first realised this was not implemented. All samplers I ever used have it…