Where You Last Left It....

do you think it would be good to have the 09reader on the Pattern page as well as the sample edit page? this would make it good for those who don’t have good memory / or too lazy to go back to the sampleedit


Are you serious? And how should it be implemented?

in the corner somewhere. if you want you got have an ‘x’ for it so if you find it annoying you can just close it or somthing.

for me, beatslicing and ways of doing it FAST is very important today, some many people want to make jungle and breakcore these days. we need faster ways to beatslice because it’s a long time since people stopped using akai samplers. You could spent an hour chopping up a breakbeat on an akai, and with renoise you can do it in about under 5 minutes? so I think it would be good to take the workflow speedyness even further.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to add an option in the sample-editor to set the offset on the current line from the sample-editor?

This idea of having the last selected offset displayed below the pattern is quite useless in my opinion. As your own image shows, it can only display one offset value at a time, then I assume you would have to go back into the sample editor to find a new one? Then go back to the pattern editor once more, then back to the sample editor, etc, etc. How is this going to save you any time? Do you honestly have such bad memory that you can’t remember “0948” during the 1 second it takes to switch from the sample editor to the pattern editor?

I can understand if you can’t remember all of the useful offsets contained in an entire sample/loop, and I sometimes have trouble remembering those myself, but not being able to remember 1 single value is something else. My simple suggestion would be to get yourself a notepad and pen and keep it by your desk at all times. Write down the name of the sample, then write down the important offsets such as “kick = 0900” or “snare = 0948”. This will be much more useful for you in the long run.

It’s a little disorienting to be making changes in the pattern while the pattern editor itself is hidden from view, but I think this could be a nice compromise. In an ideal world it would be possible to view both the pattern editor and sample editor (or any other combination of windows) side-by-side, then this suggestion of yours would become very useful indeed.


In the ideal world you could pinpoint the 09xx locations by yourself in the sampler so you have custom offsets.
But i guess this will be for 2.0

+1 >> the idea… -1 >> having to wait for 2.0 :(

yeah and probably -2 for me not being able to warrant this.

How about a special 09 clipboard, seperate from the standard CTRL-C.

This can be specific to the sample editor, and will copy the cursor position 09xx onto a second clipboard.

When back in the pattern editor, the value can be copied to the track using a short-cut.


Do you guys seriously have such a hard time remembering a 2-digit number?

I mean, c’mon… a special 09xx clipboard function? This is totally unnecessary!

I’ve always welcome any new ahead suggestions even if they seemed teeny, but about this one I’m with dblue.

i agree, the single value would be a bit pointless.

but i do share milkshakes concern about workflow. i too make jungle and even tho its not a big deal switching back and forth, F1,F4,F1,F4,… it would be nicer if we didnt have to do it so much.

i can store about 4 numbers in my head but sometimes you need to mix stuff up a bit so you need to check the sample again to figure out where you want to trigger.

what about a mini sample editor in bottom section?

like when you click DSP or Instrument settings, and the bottom panel opens up.

what do you guys think of having a sample editor button and bottom panel?

like basic basic so you can see where you want to trigger and nothing else,…

the more advanced editing still takes place in the sample editor proper.

Relating to this problem, I hope for at least 2 things to happen:

  • The thing which vV already mentioned, and many of us have already asked for in other threads: an advanced sample offset command which allows custom markers to be created, so we can map 0900, 0901, 0902, etc., to any position within the sample that we choose. No more trouble remembering any numbers with this method.

  • A more flexible GUI in Renoise which allows multiple screens to be open at once, making it possible to see both the pattern editor and sample editor side by side (assuming the user’s screen is big enough).