Feature Suggestion: Vst Instrument Grouping

Hey guys,

I would like to recommend a feature I have been missing for quite a while now. It’s kinda easy to do, I think.

It’s grouping of VST instruments. When I open my instrument list I get tons of stuff listed. I’m just the try-out free VST guy, you know.

So it would be wonderful if I was able to group instruments according to my own definitions, like “pads”, “drums” or so. Ultimately I don’t mind the manufacturer of the plugin.

I hope this hasn’t been suggested yet.

Best regards

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Group - using renaming for now, right click on instrument and put description in front of the instrument. Then searching on description auto sorts them in the list.

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This feature exists already for quite a while and it also has been asked for a few times.
You can group VST’s to your liking like this:

To define own categories, simply add one: “pluginvendorname: pluginname” becomes “mycategory: pluginvendorname: pluginname”

Can you explain me how to do this? the link is broken.