Feb 9th 2008 :: Rave 2!

some of you guys sayd you were interested if we ever did a sequel to the previous party.
do a nifty youtube search for “rave waterfront” to get a good idea of what it will be like.

ofcourse, I expect you guys to come over and party! bring your sleepingbags, you’re welcome
to crash at my place, ofcourse! ;) see you the 9th!

Damn… I would love to check this out but unfortunately the timing is quite bad for me. I am moving back to the UK near the end of February, so I have a lot of stupid things to take care of between now and then. On top of that I need to save a bit of cash until I am back into a stable living/working situation. Argh!

Hope everyone else has fun though :)

Damn, it’s times like this that I wish I was in the UK.

i am living in the uk where is this taking place by the way?


sorry, forgot to mention…

Breaks into song : “This could be rotterdam or anywhere
Liverpool or rome
cause rotterdam is anywhere
Anywhere alone” i would love to go to holland are you going to go botb? is it close to where you live? as you live in rottendam?

I’ll be the guy getting drunk on stage with a megaphone in hand, waving glowsticks around ;) I live in Rotterdam and am organising this party, like I did the previous edition, together with my friend Atiq.


This is why you should come to Rotterdam next week
http://www.youtube.com/v/SkbFNnfMoos&rel=1 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode=transparent