Feedback Device - Idea For A New Renoise Effect

An idea for a feedback effect in Renoise & Redux that’s similar to what’s possible in electric guitar effects chains, taking inspiration from existing devices like the Delay, Send & Repeater.


It all depends if the feedback is dependent on the audio buffer size or not
In bitwig the grid you can’t do 1 unit sample feedback , you’ll need a delay module in the feedback loop.
That’s the reason why you can’t make any phasers etc, the smallest amount of ms in the feedback loop will introduce spectral content whcih you don’t wan’t
So , if renoise ever implements a feedback module , let it be 1 unit sample capable .


Yes, a native feedback device would be dope. I’ve agitated for it, certainly. Hope your idea comes to pass! Blue cat connector does the job, too, if anyone wants feedback now :slight_smile: