Feedback Please!

I want to make it bigger, the pad needs to be more epic… ideas?
I love the vocal effects, which are original and used under permission from the singer.

i don’t know if that helps you but instead of making the pad more epic i’d put another melody in there, some sort of arpeggiated chords that back up the whole song and give it a little bit more character.
let’s say that the song is playing at around 170 BPM.

every x is a tick, volume on the side is optional  
4 times  
x C-4 60  
 E-4 60  
x A-4 80  
 E-4 60  
x C-5 80  
x A-4 70  
 E-4 60  
4 times  
x B-3 60  
 E-4 60  
x G-4 80  
 E-4 60  
x B-4 80  
x G-4 70  
 E-4 60  

this rhythm would fit in there too

x x x x x x x x   

volume wise you could make it fade in and fade out like a pad i.e. first pattern: 2 reps getting louder, 2 reps getting quieter then second pattern: 2 reps getting louder, 2 reps getting quieter.
i bet you could even squeeze one more instrument in there if you wanted or some subtle effects that are more drum-like.

this would be my approach.

After 4:30 it’s magic.

the piano sounds a bit dead. play around with the velocities (imo does a piano sound really pretty when played softly in the higher register). if you have a good piano plug then i’d “undampen” the sound and let the notes flow into each other.

how about switching up the piano line later on or maybe cut it out and let the other instruments come to the foreground?

good times! (=

edit: here’s an inspiring example of brittle piano playing: arvo pärt - für alina (:

I’d also recommend some volume swells as well as just another instrument. Maybe a fast moving bassline to top of the part where the fast drumming comes in. Just my opinion

Superb feedback - exactly what I was after! Thank you!