Feedback: signal follower > filter

I ran into a weird issue using the signal follower linked to a filter.

The follower was setup on a Kick group linked to a filter on a base group.

NI Supercharger >
FerricTDS >
sign. Follower (filter on base group) <----
sign. Follower (linked to volume on base group)

While the sign. follower was being fed by the kick group nothing weird happened, but when there was no kick the base group volume skyrocketed. I mean really clipping hard and totally destroying the sound.

Feedback did not occur when:
I placed the sign. follower (linked to filter) in front of NI supercharger.
Switched of the sign. follower.
And obviously
when I switched of the filter on the base group.

I’ve tried recreating what happened all afternoon but wasn’t able to do so.
(I went ahead with producing, altered almost every single parameter. etc. etc.)

This makes me wonder though.
Is it a bug?
Is this caused by the output NI supercharger is giving?
Is there something that I did that caused the feedback, wrong settings maybe?

If I ever have something like this I will definetly save the file so I can post it here.

Still haven’t been able to recreate what happened.
So I think I/we can safely say that this was very exceptional behaviour.