Feedback Swapper

When you setup a simple delay, no matter if multitap or single delay device, your feedback usually starts at always the same position in the panorama spectrum. Hard left, hard right, or what ever. The point is, it’s always the same position. That’s actually pretty normal, but to me personally often a thing, that can become annoying. Sometimes it might happen you check your mix and think “WTF? This sounds like there’s more going on on the left (or right) channel.” That’s what it sounds like, when too many delays start at the same pan position.

So here’s a little setup, that helps a bit to balance your feedbacks more out. What it does is, it swaps the position of your initial delay with every keystroke. When the last 1st feedback began hard left, then the next 1st feedback will begin hard right. You get the idea. Works perfect for single sounds. If your track contains multiple columns, be aware of the fact, a chord of 4 notes means 4 keytstrokes. A harmony of 2 notes or simultaniously played drums means 2 keystrokes. With each even keytsroke you do on the same line, you neutralize the swapping, because you switch a second time in the same moment. Uneven = no problem, even = neutralize. Just so you know…

:D Actually I didn’t want do any more examples or tutorials. I hate you all, for me being an addict. :lol: Here you go…

Open Download (UPDATED!! Added a Hydra to control the stereo width.)

Start the demo and try over the whole sequence to locate, where the feedback comes from. Here is a tip: forget it! ;)

Edit: Oh, and btw: don’t use this on every delay. Doesn’t make sense. But this is perfect for things like lead sounds, drums, vocals. Everything, that’s supposed to be centered.

Nice! Thanks a lot. Is it a common production technique to cycle delay pans, btw?

It’ll be a good day when Renoise gets dsp containers (doofer).

To be honest, I have no idea. :) I guess, if it’s not yet, it should become one.


That’s super clever stuff! Especially with the Hydras feeding backwards into the Velocity Tracker destination effect selector - too me a while to figure that one out! :)

what exactly did you mean? dspchain does not the job ?

Grouping dsps.

for this task i simply use send tracks and keep the signal in mastertrack, the sendamount is then the amount of the dsp chain in the specific send track.

I didn’t even know it was possible to automate the “Dest. Effect”, that opens up to some new possibilities for me. ^_^