Feeling the flow - another percentpercent track

Really feeling the flow at the moment - waking up, coffee, quick bite, then in the studio until nearly midnight and loving it.

This one emerged in just a day which was pretty wild - I’ve been watching how twisted some people’s reality has become as they stay indoors and source their whole worldly experience through their social media, and it drove me to write this. I’m loving the funeral organ vibe as well a classic 80s fade out like it’s on a cassette :slight_smile:

My latest - looking at the cyclic nightmare of F-book:

Each adult is worth $54 in advertising per year to the biggest social media network in the world.

This $54 encompasses everything we are and like.

It also damages and destroys us and our society.


All of my people, all of my stuff,
Worth grand total of 54 bucks

Collect them all up, lock them down
To hand them over, to people who care

I see no reason, to stop now
I need my likes to reward my brain

And those adverts, I like them all
They help my buy stuff, and fill my home

Take my arms off, and remove my feet
I exist to fill my wall

Turn up the contrast, pick a team
Take a picture, and kill them all

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