Female Vocals for a Tip-Hop track?

Hi everyone,

Is anyone able to help me out with a collaboration to provide some female vocals for this trip-hop track?

Or perhaps you know someone who can sing and we can do a three-way collaboration?

I’m after some silky, smooth vocals.

Here is a tiny loop of the sort of thing I’m working on:


I can`t help you with a vocalist man - but that is a really cool track. Nicely balanced, melodic texture.

You can grab this:


Just a little joke of course, nice track though from the little i heard. :)


And if you find no-one to collaborate with…




…or go to rekkerd.org, search for voice samples.

Thanks a lot for the comments and suggestions (and jokes).

00.1: I hadn’t really ventured into CCMixter before and I like the concept - interesting. I might have a better look and see if I can find someone to collaborate with on there. Thanks! :)


My girlfriend sings on this. If you want I can record her for that track you got. This track was made in Renoise rewired to Ableton. How we usually produce