Female Voice Vst?


I’m looking for some kind of VSTi that will make nice female voices. (Kind of Indian, arabic sound.)

Maybe something similar to Delay Lama.

Any tips? Thanks.


you could always check out Vocaloid:

I got Vocaloid Miku, now I can make cheesy J-pop.

Thanks for the tip! I´m gonna check it out

Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion sounded very nice judging from the sound demos, but it costs a little fortune.


Or you could go outside and speak to a real woman.

Yeah, I’m sure that when I ask the lady “How do you do?” She’ll answer “AAaaAAaaahhhhhhhhaaaaoooaaaa” hehe :P

vocalists are either people with huge egos and a pain to work with or not good at singing. You can’t win. :D