Fenix 2


Done in Renoise 2.6.0 (in beta stage) with a bunch of VSTs this time. I’m not sure if this is a house w/ lots of trance elements or a trance w/ house elements.

Big thanks to mmd (aka Mark Dollin) and nt (aka Gilzad Hamooni) for their immense support.

P.s. ‘Fenix 2’ is the name of the capsule that rescued 33 trapped Chilean miners in October 2010.

Also available at TiS.

Wonderful house groove! :)

I probably wouldn’t have turned the breakbeat down completely from around 0:40, maybe just 50% down, the rest is pretty much perfect in my ears.

Zebra is my favorite synth :D

That was a ****ING GOOD song right there! LOVING IT! +1 and 5 stars!

Thanks for kind comments Garf and insanity. Glad you liked it.

These are the synths used in this song:

GTG FreeDrum (Mikael Sybrandt)
GTG JP 7A (Mikael Sybrandt)
PD 3 (SynthEdit)
Texture 1.0 (Chris Sciurba)
z3ta+ (rgcaudio)

no zebra

Oh! I must have meant z3ta then :lol: :)

Zebra and z3ta are my only commercial VSTi’s, they sound a bit alike apparantly ^_^