Few GUI whynots

So i’ve made a few very quick sketches to show my point.

And here i want to ask - why not:

  1. Make samples section of sampler always availible to interract with and see, as it was for ages? It would be cool to make it optional, in a manner as it already is with browser’s files tab, you can just bring it out or in whenever you want. This doesn’t cancel out same section from sampler, but at the same time in most working situation of mangling and rearranging samples between instruments - you won’t have to switch for whole new tab.
  2. Get back ‘More’ button for browser, and have full-height browser? It won’t hurt i suppose.
  3. Bring basic Instruments plugin interface for example here? So you can always choose VSTi in any working Pattern editor / Mix situation, wihtout forcefully switching for whole other tab.

This is just few ideas i have, again sorry for raw sketches, just hope it will be interesting for taktik and others.

In my mind best thing about Renoise was always that feeling that you have everything you need on the screen immideately accessible, and all additional or unnecessary functionality tabbed.
I strongly stand for Renoise to be that way for 3 also.

Coz now i still feel a lot of ‘WTF?!’ moments when playing with beta about it’s new interface…

Even better way about Plugin section of instruments, this way it’s logical, since it’s input, just as samples are in browser, besides - who really need ‘Other’ scetion?
Again sorry for raw stuff, but you get idea :)

Why not, indeed. +1

for nr.3
Bringing back plugin plugin tab in pattern view 

At bottom :) 

SAMPLER / PLUGIN / MIDI section why not?

Why not make a Scopes / Spectrum availible when it’s attached to iterface?
Like this (it could be default, since vertical space is crucial for small screens)

And this could be optional, for those who have big monitor and enough vertical space, and want to see some handy visual feedback while deeply tweaking instruments or samples.

When interface deatached, it could be exactly like it is now, without any trouble, since you can see main Scope / Spectrum panel.
So this way it would be a lot like in old versions, where you can actually see Scopes / Spectrum panel in ANY situation, and for some people like me it’s absolutely crucial question ‘How can you work with sampler after all this years without Spectrum?’

Actually now i think that 2nd option (when it’s in browser) is much better for one single reason - you can still have access to either DSP / VST or automation and VSTi Plugins all the time simultaniously!

It’s just more handy i guess, but personally i would like to get it back in any of those forms :drummer:

@ failure 13
Naah , I hide the browser a lot when tracking .

It was perfect in 2.8
We’ll see



Trust me… I’ve had it too the first 10 times I opened V3… I made new topics about the GUI- changes:

Sample/Plugin/Midi-window: Best of both worlds :slight_smile:

But after a week I thought… what the hell? Why am i wining? You should learn to get used to it Roppenzo… Developers choose a GUI… a workflow… and I have to deal with that. So I kicked the living hell out of me and now I’m getting more and more used to the new GUI… and I have to say it’s more logical and more efficient than V2.8

No, by More button i meant behaviour like 2.8 when it opens almost as full screen, in some scenarious it is very handy, when you have huge sample folder with long names.

After week i can not agree with you, i see breaking of every logical aspect of classical Renoise, before there was very clear split between Writing / Mixing scenarios, and every new addition was looking more like option (like Pattern sequence matrix), than force upon users, now in my opinion a lot of things forced and not really have to be this way.

That’s what good about Renoise developers, they’re very communicative and could stand for their position, just like some users in here.
Therefore i suppose we can talk about such hardcore changes :)

Main point of this topic is to prove point: “You don’t have to loose or trade everything good, and what a lot people get used to, for having new features of Sampler / Plugin / MIDI! Both worlds can coexist very successfully and efficiently.”

This is where name of topic come ‘Please, tell me why not have it this way?’, i want people to prove their points about product that all of us love and use for years :)

P.S. I’ve seen your topic also)

Well, that’s also fair enough :)


Yes, i know)
Not enough horisontal space here, coz this is maximum, i meant exactly like 2.8 when you press button…
Plus anyway this button is needed as toggle current and max state (even as browser exist now), coz pressing button i guess much easier than dragging here and there each time when you need an odverview from the sky, it’s not very efficent way of ‘Full view’ now.

What about this case?

Why not add More button for such scenario, where you can really enjoy full folder overview and watch all names without ‘…’?
I mean, especially for small screens it won’t hurt at all to have More button for fullscreen browser 2.8 style, besides it is optional and absolutely doesn’t cancel out everything that browser have and how it works now.

I’m also thinking about people that have 1024 or 1280 laptop screen, which makes it almost unusable…

+1 for extra samples list that could be ‘pulled out’ of the instr list (and hidden back)
+1 for scope/spectrum view anywhere (ie in sampler view especially, possibility in plugin view wouldn’t hurt either)

So, any of devs would comment on why not to redo any of those more-close-to-original ideas?
That was more of a question form - why not?

I really want to know :ph34r:

+1 for making simple sample/instrument properties available in lower frame while pattern editor is open like in 2.8, not having that is a real workflow killer for me in R3, so pretty please :)

“Why not” simply is not enough here. We need a very good reason, a superior solution, at least a very good reason to change such stuff.
We also can’t bring back the old instrument settings tab from 2.8 into r3 as it was, because nearly everything in there has changed. There would be no way to edit multiple modulation sets, modulation sets in general, no way to edit instrument FX.

Not being able to quickly edit/view a plugin instrument from the main UI without diving into the Sampler/Plugin/MIDI tab, and thus away from the main UI, seems to be a major issue for many people in r3. There are various posts about this here so we’re currently experimenting with a “quick access” to instruments from the main UI, which allows you to load plugin instruments, set up options like global volume and stuff without opening the sampler/plugin/MIDI tabs.

Will post more info about this as soon as we have more info. We’ll also try to get a preview of this into the next beta.
Just want to say now that we’re aware of this problem and are trying to work out a compromise here.

Bless you, it bothers me so much that I went back to 2.8…

Thanks, that is exactly what i wanted to hear! :)/>
Coz it’s really major workflow issue right now, and just as hmā, now i prefer 2.8 for all mentioned reasons in this thread.

Really hope you can find a good way to fix all those problems!

I’m so glad I hear this! Bring back that 2.8 flexibility! :yeah:/>

And if there’s any chance of having spectrum and track dsp panes available in sampler again :)

+1 to number 1. It matters a lot that you can see which sample you are recording into, and very often you need the pattern editor open if you’re recording to existing music.

(I know this has been described in some other forum post also, but I can’t find it now, and I just bumped this after danoise recently posted list of feature suggestions)

Here another why-not:

Get rid of instrument numbers, leave a compatibility mode, bind an instrument to a track, then remove instrument list, recover the 2.8 layout a bit, place the name of the instrument / selection at the track name.

Or even better, place the instrument into the fx chain, just like in bitwig. It then can become the automation device automatically.