Sample/Plugin/Midi-window: Best of both worlds :-)

Y’all get the idea? :rolleyes:/>

hmmm… I was thinking… the instruments doesn’t belong in the dsp chain window anymore now i guess…

well… new idea:

A second option:

in between the 2 browsers:

dude, how long does it take you to make these? and what do you use :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh btw i totally agree with that :D

When detached:

I’n my opinion the instrument editor doesn’t have to come up at all when I click a VSTi in the instrument selector.
If I want it. I’d click the plugin tab or minimize

Same goes for reloading windows. Now the instrument editor always pops up.
I know it’s cool with a multi-monitor setup. But If you close it, it should remain closed.

no, even with a multimonitor setup its a very anyoing waste of space, because i have expanded the trackeditor above two screens.

or a raw third idea:


all 3 modes views: sample,plugin,midi:

edit: all these windows can ofcourse still be detachable in the top right corner:

^^^ still stands :3

btw: first post idea:

mini instrument window

+1 !

Yes, first post idea:

The dialog size is set to the minimum of what is stuffed in the sample-view, this includes all the options for the sampler frame, modulation frame, fx chain frame and phrases.
The space may be wasted, the dialog remains at least easy to the eyes when swapping tabs.

Despite having taken the time to construct this example, this is distracting as all hell and I think you guys already removed this transitiony type of stuff from the diskop sidebar. IMO keep it as it is