Few Songs Inside One Rns

some time ago i suggested make possible to have few songs inside one rns file, i mean few songs which use the same instruments, then you could have few versions of your song in one rns, for example original and few remixes, or clear version and scetch. this would be very useful at least for me. what do think about this one?

why not separating the parts with blank patterns?

it is just a workaround, of course.

by the way, a lot of modules have “ghost songs” hidden somewhere into the pattern list :ph34r:

err… forgot to say my opinion about such a feature:
I would never use it :)

well, it gives another psychological effect, and easier to work…

hmm… this just proves how different i am from the most people :)

very good idea.
separating ideas/ sketches/ fragments from the main arrangement would be a major improvement i think. you can easily work on the sub-arrangement level without messing up the song arrangement.

a variation of this idea could be to have more than just the two levels of arrangement we have now (pattern sequencer and pattern arranger).
maybe a bit like object orientated composing? :)
so, for an easy example, you don’t have to care (or even know) about the internal structures of part1, part2, part1_variation1, …, etc while arranging the song on the highest level.

yep, this is very nice feature to me… dunno why some people don’t like it so much…

Yes its a nice idea abit like layers in photoshop.

Other things that would be nice, is to be able to have several songs open at once, and to be able to merge songs.

And for the future pattern arranger to be able to split and merge patterns.