FFS - sample offset command Renoise 2.1

Can anyone remind me what the sample slice /offset command is in Renoise 2.1?
I though it was

for slice offset

It won’t let me put s anywhere in the effect pattern.
It’s been a while since I used Renoise for this.
Be most grateful if anyone can put me straight.

found it. 09

NOTE: this CheatSheet is for Renoise3 or Renoise2.8 onwards, not for Renoise2.1

you might get a kick out of this little addition to Paketti I made a few years ago:

clicking on the buttons will input the effect command to the selected track… and the Effect slider inputs a number to the effect column. the rest are pretty self-explanatory. But even if there’s no need to use the GUI itself to write in stuff, it can be used as a cheatsheet to see what command was which one