Figured out Scala tunings, can I use with round robin samples?

The microtonal tunings really bumped up a lot of what I can do melodically, but now I’d like to know if I could incorporate that into a sampler that has a few samples used in a round-robin fashion?

Round-robin the same as random in the keyzones tab of the renoise sampler?

I am not sure if you’re providing an answer here or asking a question - the link/question is pretty open-ended. But! If you’re asking what I’ve done, here’s more info.

This Scala tool is the tool I am using and it works great if I have created one sample, then follow the directions in the forum discussion connected to that tool here: New Tool (2.8): scl to xrni

So, let’s say I create five (5) samples for an instrument and employed the random/round-robin effect. That also works great.

How, though, would I apply both the random sample choices with the SCL to XRNI tool? The tool actually overwrites each sample, except for the first, and then shifts the keyzones around. I set the samples’ keyzones to C4 to start (instead of C0). The first sample stays, gets shifted to C0. The other samples that I was using for the round-robin/random effect have now disappeared. Where did the other 5 samples go? Who knows.

Interesting idea, hope I can actually find or learn a way to incorporate both.