File Browser Search & Live Recording Idea

Hopefully this is not a double post:

I miss two functions:

1st one.

I need a function to search for Files. Would be perfect if we could type *.mp3 in the File Browser for example to filter out all files except mp3. Like in Windows.
Or maybe a search window for such things by hitting any key combination like ctrl-f?!

2nd one

If we use matrix editor and clone enough patterns, it is no problem to do a live recording. To be able to do this again, we should save this setup. So we got an empty song with enough patterns.
But what if we run out of patterns?

This is why I’d like to have a realtime recording function, it should be able to create patterns on the fly. No matter if we are switching to pattern edit or matrix edit.


If this is able to be done with the new tool functionality by providing a tool, i’ll give it try.
So is it possible to access the file browser and the matrix cloning functionality? Then I’ll create this.

There’s already a search/filter in the Disk Browser

Click the search button (the magnifying glass) just above the file list, then type your filter into the box.

For example, you can input:

.mp3 to list all MP3 files
.wav to list all WAV files
snare to list any file with “snare” in its name


The filter only applies to the directory you’re in at that moment. If you want a more advanced file search, then just use Windows. It’s not Renoise’s job to search your entire computer for stuff.

There is such tool already which i often use, and its very good.