File Converter Tool & Sample Render/Player Tools Idea

(LAtrin3) #1

If you’re anything like me and you started making music on fruity loops .You might have a lot of .FLP files,I would love to convert to .XRNS files .I personally have a few tracks i would love to finish in renoise …The other idea i had was a a tool that could either play or at least render native instruments Kontakt files"no-gui" .I’m learning about Lua .But hopefully someone could point me in the right direction or guide me to something that works .sooner…thank you

(remsky) #2

Did FL have an option to export MIDI?

Renoise can import MIDI.

Other option - maybe you can get by through using Rewire.

(Conner_Bw) #3

Links for coders, Lua scripters, and all that jazz. I couldn’t find a Lua version of anything. If anyone wants to dig deeper…

There’s also this


I think it requires that you have FL installed?

(LAtrin3) #4

Ill try em all out and see what works best .thanks…a lot