File Converter Tool & Sample Render/Player Tools Idea

If you’re anything like me and you started making music on fruity loops .You might have a lot of .FLP files,I would love to convert to .XRNS files .I personally have a few tracks i would love to finish in renoise …The other idea i had was a a tool that could either play or at least render native instruments Kontakt files"no-gui" .I’m learning about Lua .But hopefully someone could point me in the right direction or guide me to something that works .sooner…thank you

Did FL have an option to export MIDI?

Renoise can import MIDI.

Other option - maybe you can get by through using Rewire.

Links for coders, Lua scripters, and all that jazz. I couldn’t find a Lua version of anything. If anyone wants to dig deeper…

There’s also this


I think it requires that you have FL installed?

Ill try em all out and see what works best .thanks…a lot