File Formats Import/export

Let’s go thru the work of fixing Renoise XML file formats support as lua includes? This should enable plentiful development of nice tools (library menus, custom instrument/track bundles et c).

Suggested layout:


Returns xml according to standard


Returns zipped xml according to standard to be used with lua file io functions.

xml_load_(file name)
xml_insert_(xml_load_(file name), argument)

Argument being track and position for device, as an example.


device - Non existant but should perhaps be standardized. Let’s use the same structure as in device chains? Any problems (routed meta devices)?
device_chain - XRNT
instrument - XRNI
pattern track - Non existant but should perhaps be standardized.
song - XRNS. This is quite a heavy one and probably not needed as it’s already available natively.

Note that clipboard XML and file XML are not consistent and file XML should be used.

I’m not really a programmer but I could start with devices and thereby stating the framework, then moving on to device chains. It would be nice if any of the more experiences coders would help or make suggestions before starting this project, or even better help enabling some format.

Please help refine the idea first, or stop us if this is already being planned for the API.

I am trying to figure out how to import/export this kind of stuff, a dsp chain for example. Is it possible with the lua API?

It should be possible if you make your own parsers/exporters. It’s a basic feature that is still missing imo.

I was thinking we could do a collaborate effort making these features as includes (shouldn’t be too much work), but very few people seems to be interested in that. I could help as much as I can, but I am not skilled enough when it comes to code sanity and OOP to be the organizer for such a project.