File Hosting Options

i’m in the process of starting a netlabel, but i’m i’ll informed on the best way to host the music (my webhost doesn’t allow big files). what i need: to host zipped mp3 releases likely 100-200mb each. what i don’t have: much money. any help would be awesome :D

seems like alot of netlabels uses to host files.
Not great transfer speed, but really reliable site with a great
system for multible format storage, zip archive/various bitrate
on music media. - reliable hosting for less than 10 Euros.

Or the usual suspects: rapidshare, speedyshare, filehut, sendspace etc… You might even set up torrents.

you can do up to 100mb free with no time limit and security on

If the music is kept a bit scenish, you might try asking for some place at

If you going for a paid option go for HostGator.