File Loading Error;

Hi there,

I’m working on a colab project with someone abroad and we’ve been exchanging .xrns files a few times now.
The problem is, he just send me the latest version of our track and I wasn’t able to download it (hotmail) so I asked him to send it again. Now I just got it in my inbox again and he said he send it to himself and it worked, well, not for me.

I tried forwarding it to myself and downloading it and that worked! Untill I tried to open it that is. I get the Renoise splash screen and seeing all the vsts and samples loading (very quickly ofcourse) but then I get the message: File loading error: The file is either not a known songfile or is corrupt.

Does anybody has an idea what I/we could do best next?


You could try renaming the XRNS to a .zip file and seeing if it opens in winzip or winrar… and if it gives an error there, then chances are the zip is corrupted. You could then try fixing the zip using one of he many zip-fix apps out there, and finding an older copy of the song and merging in the missing data. Winmerge may help you with XML merging.

Can’t open it with 7-zip (I don’t have those other zippers) but I don’t think it’s really a zip file… I’m not that good with computers :(
If I double click it, it will still try to open with renoise.

Have you tried downloading it again? Sometimes, if the download hangs, the computer will treat the partially downloaded file as if it’s complete. Guess the problem could also of been at the upload side…

Renoise .XRNS files are actually ZIP files which consist of a SampleData folder containing all of the song’s samples, plus a Song.xml file which is all the pattern data, envelopes, settings, etc. The file extension is .XRNS, but the file will open quite normally in WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRar, etc.

If you go into Explorer and find the .XRNS file on your drive. Hold down your [Shift] key, then right-click on the file itself, and choose “Open With” from the menu.

If you installed 7-Zip with the default settings as I have, you should see an option like “Open With > 7-Zip File Manager”.

If you can get this to work, you can perhaps try to extract the files to your drive, and then re-zip them into a new .XRNS file.

If your friend has no problem with downloading the file, but you cannot get it to open at all (either in Renoise or 7-Zip), then it seems to be getting corrupt somewhere in the download process of your browser. Do you use any download managers in your browser? Any download accelerators? Any virus scanners which are affecting the files you download perhaps?

Thanks dblue, as always youre a big help!
I did try that with 7-zip, but that doesn’t seem to work :(
(can’t load as archive or something)
I don’t use any download accelerators or virusscanners and an older version of the song that I have in my email inbox does work.

Do you mind sharing the song file? I can try to open it for you. If not, then perhaps your friend can try uploading to a file sharing site instead, so you can download directly from there. My friend frequently sends me random stuff via , and is also quite popular. You could also try to transfer the file directly over MSN or something, if you do not feel comfortable putting it online.

I don’t mind sharing it with you, if you send me your e-mail adress Ill give it a try.

Well, it seems to work on his PC so… Thats whats weird :lol:

“If you are reading this page then it’s probably too late. Like with everything else that has to do with computers, you should have backed up your files.”

heh… yeh… the best advice that nobody wants to hear :P

He send it twice today, also as .zip but I still can’t download them. Even forwarding doesn’t work, hotmail just crashes. I tried on a mac and pc. weirrrd…
We’ll try a filehosting site and if that still fails (but I have the file) I’m going to bother you with it dblue ^^
Thanks for all the reactions so far anyway!