File Not Accessible Or Corrupted?

i was just working on this song yesterday!


Rename your .xrns to .zip
Try to open with winzip or winrar, if that does not work out, use some zipfix tool to fix the corrupted structure. ( here’s one page that has a tool )
When fixed, let’s hope you can extract the song.xml from it, if you can do that, you can rename back the .zip to .xrns and load back the song into Renoise.
Some samples might be corrupt, but i guess you can get those back easily again.

ya, a lot of my samples are gone, and some vst instruments are messed up, but it’s better than going from the ground up!
thanks a bunch, you are a life saver

next time enable the autobackup feature and you will avoid an heart attack

What happened exactly here? If the song saved correctly then got broken the next day you should definitely check your harddisk for errors (this will happen over and over again when the HD is broken).

If the song crashed somehow while saving, could you give us more details about this?