'File Open' Dialog


I am currently writing another tool which I believe will be very useful to all Renoise users.

However, the only thing holding this back is a lack of a ‘File Open’ dialog.

In other GUI toolkits you can usually call a function to display one of these predefined dialog boxes and it will return a string with the selected full path and filename.

Is there anything similar for the Renoise LUA api? if not, could this please be considered for inclusion soon.


See https://code.google.com/p/xrnx/source/browse/trunk/Documentation/Renoise.Application.API.lua#66 please:

-- Opens a modal dialog to query an existing directory from the user.  
 -> [valid path or empty string]  
-- Opens a modal dialog to query a filename and path to read from a file.  
-- The given extension(s) should be something like {"wav", "aiff"  
-- or "*" (any file) }  
renoise.app():prompt_for_filename_to_read({file_extensions}, dialog_title)  
 -> [filename or empty string]  
-- Same as 'prompt_for_filename_to_read' but allows the user to select  
-- more than one file.  
renoise.app():prompt_for_multiple_filenames_to_read({file_extensions}, dialog_title)  
 -> [list of filenames or empty list]  
-- Open a modal dialog to get a filename and path for writing a file.  
-- When an existing file was selected, the dialog will ask to overwrite it,  
-- so you don't have to take of this by your own.  
renoise.app():prompt_for_filename_to_write(file_extension, dialog_title)  
 -> [filename or empty string]  

Ummm, yeah. I must have missed that bit when I was looking through the documentation. :unsure: