Dear community,

I hope you understand I mean nothing personal about this. I just think that even if Renoise was a 200MB beast of an application, if it worked well under pressure, there would be plenty of space on my hard-disk available for it! :_)

I seriously doubt filesize of the program even matters, when Cubase costs and its filesize is twice as much, with these same features.

So to the developers: Please ignore demoscene convention about ASM and all that. Just make us users happy, eh? And we’re happier and happier with each new release. So way to go, and tell those that diss renoise that there is nothing crap about this program at all.

with esteem,
Scott M. Forbes

I think they do… I think they also ignore the bloatware paradigm haha.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Renoise is built with only c++.

I’ve never coded a demo in my whole life, so don’t worry. We won’t make it 4kb just because of this ;)

Still Renoise also has to fit into your coputers RAM after getting double-clicked, so file size matters at least a bit

It matters while beta testing. I mean if I have to download 200MB or more every time a new beta comes out I wouldn’t bother…

Depends on your internet then ;) I would bother, I don’t care about 100MB more or less, this is 2010!

If Renoise was 4.6GB (a single layer DVD) I would still download it. Although at that size torrent links with server assisted downloads would be nice ;)


You’ll have to forgive me, because I might have missed something obvious here, but I’m a little bit confused by your post. You appear to be responding to something a person has said, or some details/information that was posted somewhere, but you have not actually provided any references to such things, so I feel like I’m just getting one side of an argument. Did you read something in a blog post? A forum post? A magazine article? Some text on the Renoise site itself? Etc.

What was it that made you come here and share your opinions?

Or perhaps you are not responding to anything in particular, and instead you are simply saying “I like what you’re doing with Renoise, please keep up the good work!”. Is that it?

I’m also curious about this. Did you read somewhere that people are saying Renoise is crap for some reason? I’d be interested to read that myself.

Anyway… I have no negative feelings about anything you’ve said, I’m just trying to get a better idea of where you’re coming from.

Cheers :)


I’d guess so… just the usual :w00t: we all so dearly !


yes it does depend on my internet connection… :( 2010 doesn’t seem to mean anything good or fancy to me here in Estonia. (I should post a pic of my ‘studio’ in the ‘Show Me Your Home Studios’ thread and you’ll get it :D )

It’s 1388 here, so filesize still matters ;)

Filesize absolutely does matter!

I have a mobile broadband connection, the area in london where I live does not have great reception…I don’t have the time or patience for a huge download.

Not to mention that I use pay as you go, meaning a large file would take a huge chunk of my allowance.

Needless to say, this would have discouraged me from beta testing.

Why not have a great program in a small file? Efficiency is key no?

I too do not get the purpose of this post/thread.

What would be the purpose of making the file larger while the content the same…although that may not be what the poster was implying.