Film Samples, Spoken Vocals...

Hey guys, I rarely use samples in my work…If I need acapellas, sung vocals etc I know where to go. However, I hear songs with these great sound bites from movies etc…do people extract them directly from the films? Also what is the legality surrounding that? Is there another way or resource anyone uses or knows of to get interesting spoken vocals or even horror movie type vocals etc?
Thx guys!!

I just record them directly from the source. I used to hook up my VCR directly to my board for that purpose.

I haven’t done it in a while because legally it is a little hairy. To my knowledge there has never been an example of an electronic musician that was sued because they used a non-musical sample from a film, but doing it is against the letter of the law.

The safest bet is to get your hands on those huge $20 20-packs of DVDs that they sell of old horror and scifi movies - the reason that they can sell them for so cheap is that the owners of the movies have let their copyrights lapse. (That’s why every single one of them contains Night of The Living Dead and Dementia 13 - those were never copyrighted properly.) It’s still not technically legal to use somebody else’s recording without permission but in those cases there isn’t anyone on the other end that can sue you.

I have done a similar thing but by recording on computer.
During playback (on computer) and recording whatever goes through the output on audacity.
also legally speaking i think its against the law in most cases but i think it would be taken with a pinch of salt.

if you had a nice bit of audio (lets say “hes beginning to believe” from the matrix) and you made a song based on that and named it “Matrix beginning to believe” that its likely to get some ‘bad’ attention as you would be using the film to promote your song.

but a quote some where within the song is probably never going to be noticed by the ‘wrong’ people, unless you are planning on going really famous? then people might start getting greedy…

check this site for movie samples also

if you are using osx, i believesoundflowerwould work for that purpose… i’ve recorded stuff from youtube using the program. i have not done a dvd yet, but soundflower allows the system output to be routed wherever you like…

Cheers guys, as usual the renoise community is really supportive…will check out coolmoviesounds and purchase some dvds…if anyone else has other ideas keep em comin!
Thx again guys for your responses,
Tarek :)
It ain’t all 44khz 16bit, and it ain’t legal to sample any of it, but it is a load of input. Not everything is usable (for me at least) but respect for the guy for putting up som many years of work. You can also try searching for quotes on google, and torrent the movie. Being alert for good quotes while watching movies, and noting down the exact time helps a lot too.

Do you (or anybody else) happen to know where you can check about copyright? Or is it just something you just have to think about (how popular is it, etc)

Lot’s of Public Domain movies can be found here, legal to sample.

Awesome! :o Thanks :D