Filter 3 eulogy or why all my mixes suck

Lately I realized again, how fancy the deprecated Filter 3 works as a highpass filter. It seems to me the most balanced filter in this regard, the perceived volume stays the same. Especially if you aim for adding a bit of resonance at the fundamental for compensating the lows you just cut off. Let’s name this kind of mixing the 80s style of mixing. In the end such kind of mix appears more dense and “warm” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This filter is the holy grail for adding warmth like a fireplace (esp. mean the “24dB 4Pole” filter type).

The digital filter isn’t bad and very useful, but can’t reach this specific kind of quality.

After I replaced all digitals filters with Filter 3 in all my mixes, the I rock the garage again.

So I would love to see a revised version and a de-deprecation of the fancy Filter 3. Maybe adding oversampling, maybe adding pre-/post drive optionally, or maybe even make it open source? Very likely it is not an algorithmic masterstroke, but instead just very carefully chosen by good ears. At least I find it kind of sad this it was deprecated.

The analog filter sounds nice, but does not seem to be a good replacement, since the filter types are too specific. Or maybe I just need to try it more…

What’s your opinion about this topic?

Doesn’t use the Analog Filter the same algorithms? Btw. i really love the Digital Filter for removing lower frequencies. I also use the Analog Filter for cleanup the higher frequencies (removing harshness from hihats etc.)


Can’t be, I mean the 24dB 4pole filter in Filter 3, and analog filter only provides 12dB 2pole high pass filters in this regard. EDIT: You are right, the moog 4P seems to be in anal filter, too, but I am aiming for the 24dB 4pole filter.

Also the moog filter seems to be different in both, at least when looking at the graphs… EDIT: Also in sound, the moog algorithm is different, and also unstable in volume in the analog filter. It also doesn’t add that fancy kind of warmth.

I use what’s there, and that’s primarily the digital filter device, which is better than the analog filter in my opinion. The cut seems to be clearer and it sounds better. So the digital filter is my “default filter device” since I switched from Renoise 3.1, and I’m using it both for cutting lower and higher frequencies, mostly in mode “Biquad”. But which mode depends on how hard I wish to cut. I still rely on my ears primarily, but of course I also check the spectrum. I’m absolutely ok with the digital fiter device. But I also like the old filter device, I just don’t use it anymore because it’s not there anymore. I guess there’s an easy way to use old devices in current Renoise versions, but I didn’t think about it because the digital filter does the job, too.

Oh, I use the filter 3 device regularly, and it’s indeed easy to still use it using the native dsp context menu tool, which I did myself :stuck_out_tongue:, but I would love this topic to be a discussion about Filter 3 and your opinion about it, do you miss it, did you really compare it or do not care for such details, and so on. Please, only with elaborated and testifed statements.

Using the tool seems to be the only way to use old effect devices. I installed an old Renoise version, copied the folder of the filter device into Renoise 3.4/Resources/Library/Effect Presets and loaded Renoise, but it’s not shown in the list of the effect devices. So I installed your tool and rechecked the old filter device with the 24dB 4pole filter. Honestly I don’t hear any difference to the current digital filter. If you run the digital filter in “Biquad” and increase the resonance to 22% it’s the same like filter 3 in 24dB 4pole, at least in my opinion. I don’t see a “warmer” mix if you use the old filter device, and I would say that I’ve got good ears. I also checked the curves via SPAN. If there’s a difference it’s too small to be mentioned. I couldn’t find a significant difference. Maybe it’s possible to hear a NANO difference if you’re using filter 3 only in your whole song, but gaining “warmth” by using this filter? That’s not my experience. So no, I don’t really miss the old device. As I wrote, the digital filter does the job, too. :wink:

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Hehe maybe you are right :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Maybe switching digital filter to oversampling x0 will do the trick then.