Filter Automation on AKAIS3000XL


This is my first post.

Im using Windows 10, Renoise 3.3.2.(x64) with MIDI to and from the AKAIS3000XL via a USB MIDI cable.

How do I automate the filter on the AKAIS3000XL inside Renoise please ?

I have seen DaddyAbe post a video about it on youtube, but he is using StudioOne with the command being breath control inside that, theres no such options for me in Renoise.


I have an S2000 which is similar, I think I mapped mod wheel to the filter cutoff in the akai. You can then automate the filter simply by automating the mod wheel.

How do you map modwheel to the filter in the akai though ?

And where is modwheel in renoise ?

Ive never seen it

I think i used pitchbend, not modwheel, in midi instr. control. How i exactly did it on the akai s2000 I don’t remember

The modwheel in almost every hardware device is midi cc1
Just load a renoise midi instrument control and select midi cc 1 , to map it to the akai’s filter I suggest reading the manual ( I don’t have an akai sampler )
Make sure it’s roued to the correct instruemnt
Here I use the midi control device to control the roland integra