Filter offset

When controlling the track DSP filter cutoff from an external source, is there any way to prevent it from going below (or above) a certain value?

Let’s say I don’t want the filter to go below 0.48 kHz. This is easy to achieve when using an LFO by changing the offset value, but when doing it realtime I haven’t found an easy way.

3777 temp.PNG

I want to allow the filter just to move within the red boundaries.


By “external source” I guess you mean a MIDI controller?

It’s very easy to set the controller range in the MIDI mapping options:

3778 renoise-midi-map-limits.png

Alternatively, you could control the filter frequency with a Hydra and set the limits that way, and then map your controller to the Hydra instead (whether it’s MIDI or another meta device):

3779 renoise-midi-map-hydra.png

Use a Hydra device to control the cutoff. It will allow you to set minimum and maximum values.

Thanks for the excellent answer! This was exactly what I was looking for.