Filter - Step Filter Q

Hi all, hope you good.

When writing in automation for filters, I have no problem creating smooth sweeps and such but is there a way to set the quantise or settings so that I can have the filter step up or down evenly on every 4th or 16th beat without having to draw in points connecting the filter steps? Basically like a stepfilter VST would do.

I hope I explained that well. If not, 10000 apologies.

Thanks in advance.

you might wanna try a custom LFO point-curve assigned to a filter cutoff like this:

(click to enlarge)

put an LFO reset on every first line of each pattern to sync it.


Thx a lot, I was looking into the stepper, I will give this a go!

I was trying to replicate what I used to do with the Akai Samplers back in the day with the velocity filters.