filter3 device with lp/bp/bs/hp 6db/12db/24db/36db/48db...

This would be soconvenient, if you would introduce a reworked filter device that actuallysatisfies any filtering needs. You already have lot more filters in the instrument editor, so why not in the filter device?

Especially I miss 6dB filters, for fine / subtile filtering (currently using EliterReducer2’s filter for that). Also there are very less “character-saving” filters in the current device.

I would use the eq (and it sounds fine), but the eq has no real bandstop and the editing window is a lot too small for precise editing. I wish here a big screen (maybe in the frequency analyzer view).

Thanks for for considering it!

R 3.1 will have new filters.
And i think that just LP, BS, BP and HP with 6db/12db/24db/48db would be enough. They have to be precise and have that nice low end if you use LP ;).
Bitwig has just these and they sound very good, much better than any of custom Renoise filters, sorry.

These distortion and other weirdo filters are not so good and can be replaced by Renoise native DSP IMHO.