Filtering incoming pitchbend signal?


My keyboard controller’s pitchbend is sending off random signals (Pic 1), and I want to filter out the signal to not affect the recording (and/or playback). I’ve tried using this toggle (Pic 2), but this toggles all the CC to stop being recorded.

Any software I can use to mitigate this?



Midi-Ox software has a filter that can filter pitch and other midi messages:

Have you tried a factory reset on the controller?

Power off Keystation.
Hold down the buttons "+" and "-" simultaneously, until step 4.
Power on Keystation.
Release the buttons.

I am trying to reset the controller, but I have no idea if the reset has worked because nothing seems to have fixed it.

I have opened my controller and disconnected the wheels (Nektar Impact LX 25+)