Filtering individual samples in Sampler

I’m coming from Ableton/Bitwig and don’t know how to pre-mix samples in a sampler device. In Ableton I can put individual effects on each drum rack channel, so I can low-pass the kick, high-pass the hi-hats etc. In Renoise it’s only possible to assign an FX-chain to the whole device, but this affects all samples. This is a crucial mixing step in my production workflow, and I’d like to group my drum samples to a single sampler so my instrument list will not be crowded by individual drum samples.
I think resampling the sounds, with an effect applied in-place would work, too but I would prefer this to be possible non-destructively.
The best solution for me would probably be either individual FX-chains per sample for the sampler or a simple low pass / high pass with cutoff in the waveform edit window in the sampler (where I can cut the sample, fade in/out, amplify, etc. Though it would be a destructive edit in this case).

Am I missing something? How do you solve this problem?

Instrument fx chains is what you should look into. You can route individual samples however you want with complex fx routing before it hits the track level processing

Look for the tab in the instrument editor that says effects.

If it’s as simple as just a lp or hp filter, you can do this in the modulation section of the instrument editor, making individual modulation sets for each sample, then use the filter section there

The manual is helpful regarding all of this :slight_smile:

Thanks, it was not clear to me before, that you could route samples to different FX chains.

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yeah, it’s a really powerful capability, actually. There is a TON that you can do with modulation sets and instrument fx chains

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