Filtering sidechain input


New to Renoise and the forum. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere:

I’d like to use the new sidechain capabilities in a typical fashion where the kick drum is the input into the sidechain. BUT, in this case I’m using a break / drum loop. How can I low-pass filter the sidechain input so that it is only the kick that drives the compressor? Where do I put the filter so that it doesn’t affect the actual drum track?

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Sounds like the multi-band send device may help here; very useful for many routing scenarios.


#signal follower device has input filtering
It has also other parameters for finetuning

read the manual

As a further option, you could also create a new track and sequence any sample to the kick rhythm → then use the ‘mute source’ option on the send device.


Could you not simply put a lowpass filter before the sidechain device? Or am I missing some limitation on Renoise’s sidechain implementation?

Re-read the post

Ok I reread it. I tend to use ghost tracks for sidechain which are muted, so this problem is foreign to me :slight_smile:

I would do the following:
Create two identical tracks with the drum loop, one with a lowpass filter going into a muted sidechain and one with audio that you actually hear.


You can also try to use send channels…send the break to a send channel, apply a filter to it, and from there into the sidechain. The problem with this approach is that you can only send to the right in the mixer, so the sidechain comp needs to be on another send or on the master.

2nd idea

Or you can try the following…using groups…you can put a new group around the track…from the track send to master (or pre master send) with “keep source” mode. In the group, you place the lowpass filter and the sidechain send, mute the group. Downside is this might not work well if you are already using groups.

Or you can turn crazy


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