Filters For The Delay Fx!

Add a cutoff filter to the delay!! :D

dude you can easily do this yourself by adding a send track to your channel (do not mute original signal), add a delay on your send track, select “mute original signal”, then add filter.


I’m not in front of renoise right now so sorry if i missed anything, what I’m trying to say is, it’s already there :)

just experiment!

Ooh! Thanks didnt know that ;) Thanks for the best program in the world :)

+15 for filter in delay.

And you can not do feedback chains in renoise so there is no workaround for this other than using some VST plugin.

Can u tell me how to do it ? :( i cant find it :o

Perhaps you may find it better with these instructions:
-Put cursor on track you want to have affected
-Then select “#Send device” in DSP effect-list, configure it to send audio to e.g. track S01 (Toggle the “Keep Source” button in the send device!)
-Go with cursor to sendtrack S01 on the right side of the Master track
-Search and add “Delay” device (Native/Delay/Delay) from DSP list to track S01 and check the “Mute Src.” checkbox on the lower right of the delay device,
-Add filter to track S01 and there configure your cut-off frequency.

The point in filtered delay is that the filter is inside the feedback chain. Just putting filter before the feedback chain will not make each echo gradually more filtered as should.

As said before there is no workaround for this, you need to use external plugins.

this free delay has the features you’re seeking

thank you :)

There’s a way but it incredibly retarded.
(see attached file)

I agree this type of delay would be a nice implementation!


The delay device really need some serious pimping. In addition to the filters, the device really needs also a stereo/ping-pong delay mode. Also I’d personally wish for some actual tape delay simulation.

I’m currently addicted to NastyDLA, check it out.

A simple feedback filter delay for the linux users would be ace though…