I’m not really used to using renoise to write electronic music (sounds daft I know!!!) so any crit on this so far would be greatly appreciated, hoping to add vocals throughout in a verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure!

i think a lot of it sounds really cool. nice synth and bass sounds. but it can become a bit linear and predictable and repetitive… try doing some breaks, or a break-down section without the constant beat.

itottally agree with rhowaldt. your synth sounds are very nice, but the arrangment is still a bit to straightfoward. play around a bit more with small variation of your percussions and try to implement a break and work your beat patterns towards the break and let it peak after the break. lett the track wave a bit ;)

Thanks very much for the feedback, i think I’m gonna write some vocals, and then tie the instrumental variation around the vocal part! I will let you know when this is done :slight_smile:


I actually really like the repetitiveness, it’s like oizo’s flat beat but with some 80s chip and synth power.

Just add black stud / diva vocals and soundeffects, and it’s a hit right?