Filthstep/ Skullstep

Hey, I’ve been using Renoise for about a year now, maybe less, but I originally used FL and was wondering if anyone has been trying to make or has made filthstep or skullstep in Renoise. I’m trying to do it but am having issues with those filthy synth sounds. I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials on the web or maybe have some tips for getting that hard, evil sound because I can’t quite get the right sound no matter what I do. I’m trying to get into the darker side of this stuff but don’t really know any tricks.

Much appreciated. :yeah:

Oh baby, can’t wait to try this out. Thank you.

Yoink … any other skullstep resources you want to share, feel free :P

Hahaha. Yes please. :yeah:

Leo, try messing with foldback distortion on sin sub bass… you might get some interesting results.


I’m getting old, educate me on these steps?

Well according to the first result on Youtube Skullstep is pots and pans DnB (Technoid, although some people call this stuff Neurofunk that to me is more like the Teebee sound.)

Skullstep and Technoid both fall under the larger header of Darkstep, which is essentially just really hard Techstep. Neurofunk is another techstep genre that’s significantly more ravey.

I kinda like that the DnB scene attempts to subsubgenre everything to make it easier to find stuff you like, but it gets pretty excessive at times, and often the tracks labeled with a certain DnB subsubgenre don’t actually fit that subsuubgenre :P

Darkstep is different really, although I didn’t know the term had become popular again (rather than pretty much separating the 2-step Techstep tunes to similar stuff but usually with a more complex beat as I know it in the 90’s.) Neurofunk definitely evolved from the Techstep genre, bringing in the funk, groove and warmth that had come to DnB with Liquid Funk (most of which I hate) but still keeping it dark and heavy.

But who cares at the end of the day, it’s just a name. Had assumed he would be referring to heavy Dubstep, which Filthstep seems to be from people’s usage on Youtube.

This Pots & Pans stuff I have always called Technoid although I’ve had people telling me that term is used with what I consider Neurofunk and then using Tear Out for that stuff, which I always thought was more the verging-on-breakcore side (Krumble, Enduser’s DnB, DJ Hidden, Kid Kriptic etc)

Personally I just call it music/noise (depending on what mood I’m in.) ;)

Right, I’m using stinky subsubgenre names but basically what I want to figure out is how to make that crunchy evil bass like in basically all of the newer dubstep and Darkstep stuff. Sort of like Current Value, Datsik, Cookie Monster or some of Spor’s basses like that. The whole skullstep thing is just a stupid term I picked up from the scene down in Minneapolis but skullstep is basically like kazakore put it. A good example would be The Good, 2012, and The End of Tunnel by Current value for what I’m looking to achieve or Retreat and Gizmo by Datsik. That sort of sound. I come from a pretty breakcore background so I’m still getting used to a lot of the production techniques of Dubstep and DnB. :wacko:

That’s a pretty good example of skullstep and every related video on youtube to that one.

sounds like drum&bass for REAL METALHEADS (who are a little bit to PUSSY to listen to breakcore ) :P :dribble: :drummer:

This is a disgusting video :huh:

Experiment with scream filter and try to layer two bass sounds (one with lower freq-s and less wide and one higher with wider stereo). Using send tracks can be also convenient for giving different characteristics to one bassline.

Really? What part of the video did you find disgusting?

Probably the bass… :drummer: :panic:

That actually helped a lot. :walkman:

The video is disgusting and the music dont touch me. Is not a style that i like to hear. ;)