Final Fantasy VII cover with film libraries

So I’m taking a class in cinematic orchestration and have access to a fair number of excellent libraries. Why not run them through Renoise when it is such a snap to use? :walkman:A few of the libraries used: Spitfire Symphony, Cinesamples, Heavyocity Gravity and Strikeforce Percussion. Also a bit of that Hollywood favorite Zebra 2.

The final mix and master was done in Cubase, but all the arranging, automations+instrument shaping etc were in Renoise, then exported as stems.

This sounds really good. Well done!

(Side note: this track from FFVII sounds a lot like the main theme to Das Boot.)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

Klaus Doldinger, what more is there to say. I’m pretty sure everyone who grew up in the 1980s heard his signature sound in the neverending story. I need to see Das Boot again, been a while.

Sounds good. Felt like I was in a movie. :slight_smile: