Finally A New Track & Even A Preview :-)

Greetings from my underground beeing :blink:
Well, I finally found some time and even better “some new inspiration” to spit out some stuff again. Not much to tell though, so here we go:

ptrance - Four Potential Faces Of A Fading Future - Mix and Master updated 08.03.07!


MoT - Memories Of Tomorrow (ptrance remix PREVIEW)

So far, so good. Comments are of course appreciated. :)

Sorry for not coming back to you (mail) already. I´ve been too busy the last weeks in that clinic. :\
Oh well, I´m still living as you can see and on weekend vacation… at home :)

Having a listen to Fading Future now…

You certainly have this genre down to a slick art man… builds and releases, treatments, mastering… all appropriate to the genre.

I enjoyed this, and I don’t think I’ve listened to trance that seriously since 1998? Nice little trip down memory lane. The build after 6:00 is great!

Some possible issues(?):

  • The upper frequencies of the verb could be slightly more filtered, like around 6-9khz.
  • The busy parts could maybe better expressed by selecting a different lead other than the juno sort of sound. Maybe something more moog like?
  • Possibly less wet on the vocals, bring them forward and warm them up with compression/saturation.

Thanks for sharing :)

A very professional sounding trance track, really sounds like taken from some commercial disc.

Only noticed some kind of click around 07:37.

The same applies for your preview, very good, no need to say more.

  • The verb… I actually used different types of reverbs there. Could you try to be a bit more specific in which case I should cut the highs? (lead[s], piano, percussions)
  • Another lead… will try :)
  • The vocals… well, the wet sound was actually intentional. I could imagine some flanger/chorus effect for warming them up in addition or maybe reducing the feedback of the delay in some parts.

Oh well, got enough time at the moment to fiddle around a bit more. The track needs some more proper mixing anyway, the middle/high freqs. are killing the ears under headphones in no time :\

Thanks for the feedback guys!

So and so. Atleast after some months of stationary treatment (treatment all in all wont end soon though), IŽm pretty much sure which way IŽll go in the future. There will be some big things to do for me (ya know what I mean :rolleyes: )

ptrance - Four Potential Faces Of A Fading Future

Hey ptrance, good to read you again :) Here’s my point of view about your track. Basically it sounds really good and there are just no parts of the melodic stuff I do not like. This piece is just great, although I do have issues in my mind.

This song is still too short. I want more :) - No seriously. I listened to trance before, changed to hardstyle and melodies like the one in your track forced me to come back to trance. I don’t think you’re a Ferry Corsten or Armin van Buuren, because I think your stuff is more original than theirs.

Keep up :w00t:

Listening while typing in some words…

ok, wtf did you get the kick from? sounds really Oontz if you know whatimean (like, if u used compression the right way). Also nice arps, did that come from any hardware? Sounds good!
The (very fast) arp you used at the start and re-used at 5:30 – that one’s really catchy… I wanna know where it’s coming frome??? :dribble:

Overall rate: Nice trance track. This one’s going into my car :)

I think I can even top the lenght from this song with a new project… o0
However, thanks! :)

Well, first of: LOL

erhrmmm, those both instruments are some, where I actually cheated a bit :)
The kick was ripped out from an another Track by DJ Natron (I guess its a dutch trance producer - DJ Giants @ work in 1999 or something). Haven´t done much on the base though, just a little EQed (boosted the highs) and gained. Though the complete drumwork goes through senddevices in a multiband comp again.
Well, the arp is actually a pad sample from a random pack I downloaded months ago. Using portamento 5FF on 3 columns, decent amount of a pahser, reverb, delay and some filterwork, é voila I´ve got an arp :)
No serious synthwork at all here, sorry :expressionless:

I can upload those samples if you want.

I´ve done some minor updates of the mix and remastered the whole Fading Future Track!

Clickedyclick :)

Much better mix! Strong… in the purposeful sense. Everything is better.

Mastering… what are you using? Maybe a touch more harmonic (not eq) boost at 14k? Just a touch more upper crispness… And maybe bring down the loudness- just a touch.

Excellent :)

Well, for mastering I´m still pending between Wavelab and Audition. But workflow-wise I guess I´ll stay with Wavelab. My mastering chain though is mostly quite simple since I found a nice tutorial about mastering via HarBal (neat program to balance out the freq. harmonics of a mix) and your fav. wave editor.
1st there comes HarBal where I balance out high peaks and rumbles via an parametric eq and then the rest, 2nd, is done in Wavelab. Mostly I prefer using waveplugs in the end. 10 band eq, Waves LinMB (multiband-comp.) and a Limiter (Waves L3).

Though I not really behind this concept yet about what´s going on there actually and what I´m doing anyway, but the results are sounding quite good already. :)

Yikes, 10bandEQ? Multiband comp? Well… you’re obviously getting sound results out of them, but I’d drop 'em. Then again, I like a very clean mastering.

Id stick with the parametric (reductively), HarBal, and the limiter… in that order.

I don´t think I´ve reached the best results when it comes to multiband compressing though. In the end, 9 of 10 times mostly I manage to squish every dynamics I have in a mix and have to reset every setting again. There is a still missing a bunch of understanding when it comes to mastering here. (sometimes I think the post-mixes are actually sounding nicer as my final masters duh)

arf… well, these are the downsides of loudness mastering :\

Yeah well go more gentle… let the original mix speak, after all you got that right in the first place. Compressors are dangerous things on master mixes!

I do my parametric reductive stuff first. Then some harmonic boosting. Then it’s the vintage warmer as a sheer wall/boost. Listening while monitoring the rms is a must. I am for and usually end up with a mastered mix that is between -9 to -7db. -7 is probably too much.

hey sebastian,
absolutely neat tune you put together here.
i can utterly feel the high amount of labour which went into this song since you’ve been pretty attentive to detail. the arrangement is well thought out and offers a lot of variation… you did a very well job concerning that matter.

it’s hard for me to come up with some constructive criticism though, since i am not that much into this kinda trance stuff, but i think i sense too much reverb overall and less would’ve been more pleasant to my ears afterall, i think.

hope you’re doing fine to some extend.
hope you will recover from all the trouble in the near future.

best wishes

ps : will you be around at breakpoint and/or evoke this year?
ps²: link to the preview needs some fix.

I´ll probably go with a lower rms level in the future. I´ve read somewhere, the most album masters (mostly trance genre) are set with a -8db level, which I actually tried to recreate but well, lastly it´s always the limiter which screws many things up here. Guess I´ll have to go softer then :)

KLAUS altes Haus!
Good to hear you like the track… (omg… I made k303 listen to tracne o0 )
About the reverb: well, heck… I already reduced it a bit in the final version but as it seems many people still think it´s to much. But from my point of view, I guess its fine as it is now. (not that trance is all about reverberation though) :)

The tendence seems to go upwards… finally. However, thanks!

I´ll probably be at evoke this year but thats not sure at the moment. Breakpoint is definatly counted out though, since I have to go once again in a clinic (Göttingen) at that time for 1 or 2 weeks.

hey ptrance,
I really like this one, but to make this track work in the clubs you should consider to apply a lowcut to the overall mix around 80-100 hz to avoid blowing their speakers… and the kick also dominating the mix a bit to much for my liking… I would also cut some bass frequencies out of the pad sounds to get a cleaner mix.
Good work!