Finally Bought Renoise, Went Ahead And Put Out Some Tracks, Anyone Up

Finally, after a few months, I’ve gathered enough up to buy Renoise and use it legit (as opposed to using the demo and just re-recording the audio), and I feel I’m now “worthy” enough for Renoise forum to see my accomplishments. So, uh, here you go, enjoy :3. It’s basically like bitpop-type stuff, dosen’t really land into a specific genre so I’ve just been calling it “PostChip” because why not. I’ve been tracking for a while now (with a FastTrackerII clone) but I’m still new to the Renoise thing, even though I feel I’ve got it down pretty well… So, welp, I hope you enjoy it, thanks for any and all feedback!

First of all welcome and we don’t have a minimum 1337 level that one has to have to join the forum or to post songs, so even if you think stuff that you made sucks, we don’t mind to confirm that at all :P (What you posted so far doesn’t sound bad at all btw)

Which FT 2 clone have you been lingering with so long?

What a lovely bunch of tunes! Thanks for sharing :walkman:

I’m not normally that into chip tunes but I really like these, especially Gameboy Days. Very nice melodies indeed.

I like them!

MilkyTracker :P

Nice chiptune flavored tracks :drummer:


I enjoyed Gameboy Days, nice work!

Regards, Matt

I adore the song Commodore after the 50 second mark. Genius!