Finally Decided To Post In Here...

Sup everyone, i’ve been making music with Renoise for ages, but i’ve never bothered to post a ‘check out my music’ thread. Have now! In case you don’t know, I make Dubstep, but not the half-step wobbly stuff everyone thinks of when you say dubstep. More techno-ey/ambient/IDM/weird stuff. I don’t like to categorise myself, I just make what I think sounds good.

I’m sure a lot of you have already clicked on this in my signature, but here you go

also: only just set that up, more tunes to come.

Feedback appreciated, shout if you want 320s of any of my beats. Nice one!

really dig your stuff dude. have you considered sending your tracks away for mastering? i think that would beef them up real nice, they sound great already, just a tad on the thin side when it comes to the low end…your subs should be FAT!! nice work though.

cheers man! That’s weird, i’ve found when I play them out live on a big soundsystem I actually have to cut bass on the DJ mixer! I need to get some proper monitors really… I’ve had a couple mastered and cut to vinyl and they sound lush. :)

I’m glad you posted your work. I like the more ambient, atmospheric, (hard to categorize, I know) sound that you have.

Nice clean, smooth mix. Very much like those intricate figures in the higher pitched synth on the 3rd track which caught my ear. Good stuff indeed.

I would agree that the overall mix on all three tracks could use a bit of a boost of the overall level. Maybe run the mix through an audio editing program which allow you to see the whole spectrum (sort of like the Master Spectrum scope in Renoise) and use plug-ins or built-in commands in the editing software to boost the appropriate frequencies (if needed) and the overall level.