Finally Figured Out How To Shred

Here is a 2 minute piece that I did one night when I finally figured out how to have much more control over the samples in a mix.

Everything here is made of the same drum loop believe it or not.


great, man :drummer: :drummer:

I never really digged into beat slicing. But if there is one reason I want to know more about this now IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU :D

What are the techniques you used in this piece?
slicing the beat up into a bunch of instruments/samples and FXing with 09XX 01XX/02XX and F1XX?

Nice choppage :drummer:

Nice. But there’s an annoying clipping clicking sound at the end of the kick drum snippets.

Nice shredding :)

Thanks for the useful feedback.


Forgot to check my zero crossings.

don’t forget the 04xx command ( volume slice ) verry usefull

thanks. think likely 1:26/1:27