Finally Got My First Linux Renoise Track Exported...

Well, as a relative newbie user to the linux renoise tracker scene, I have finally got a track exported.
Its a ambient style, inspired by what is played on bluemars and them other ambient internet radios.

Im not 100% up on renoise, so it was easier for me to play the synth keyboard and sample that in. I used my Roland JX-305. I got the nasa samples form…uhm, nasa.
You can check out the track on my brand new website :wink: plug its in the music link.

I call it space traveller (part1)

Let us know what you think of the track… :ph34r:
space traveller

maybe it’s a bit too standard, but it surely well done: good atmosphere and nice building. I hope for a more personal attempt next time: space travelling is so fascinating theme…

edit: wow, this is really space travelling: I see the date of my post being before yours :)

I checked it out and I was into it.

Nice one.