I’ve finally managed to upload my music onto the forum.
Let me know what you think,
The songs are listed under
Progressive Electronica:
CUDDLEPUDDLE -…ePuddle_vbr.m3u
LAARDK -…/Laardk_vbr.m3u
I M BUTTERS -…Butters_vbr.m3u
SHUTPUNT -…hutpunt_vbr.m3u
TALISSMAN -…lissman_vbr.m3u
NOLAYE(WADB) -…ayewadb_vbr.m3u

Have a listen and lemme know what you think of them, especially cuddle puddle, as it doesnt really follow a set song path and talissman, as its white.

cuddlepuddle, drilly fast breaks on top of meandering ambiances. I like the delayed melody flickers during the break. The acoustic beat doesn’t really do enough justice imo, either layer it with harder sounds or distort it. Technically you have this style locked down very well though. Little bit all over the place, but that fits the virtuoso nature of the ‘genre’ I guess :slight_smile:

I’m butters, liked the previous track better. This one has some nice touches on the acid squelching, but couldn’t really get into it. There seems to be some nasty distortion, frequencies adding up. some eq’ing could fix that though…

These tracks deserve more listens. Maybe you need to make it more clear where to download your tracks or include direct links to the music!

Cheers for the feedback, i think your right in terms of production, they are not perfect. I’m yet to invest in some good monitors. Obviously, you don’t always need speakers, and i’ve been working with headphones for a long time, but it helps.
All songs are available to download off my reverbnation site,